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a_lad_inane's Journal

Honest Androgynous Abe
18 December
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Feel free to add me to your friends list. I'll most likely reciprocate because I'm a nice fellow who likes making friends...and because I have no concept of my own self-worth.

"Lad is sort of like Beavis & Butthead...but as written by Sartre and scored by Gary Numan."

"Witty and bright!"
--Bill Nelson (not formerly of the band Nelson)

"You, sir, are bonkers."
--Neil Tennant (Pet Shop Boys/sodomite)

"Mind-bogglingly brilliant and perverse!"
--Lloyd Kaufman (horrible, swarthy little Jew)

"The reason I'm just now getting back to you after so long is that I just had to go through your whole wonderful website and laugh at everything! You have a very unique talent that is seldom seen."
--Rip Taylor (not dead yet)

"That stuff Lad does is brilliant."
--David Bowie (star of The Linguini Incident)

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